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Three days in hospital. My bed was so commfy compaired to the bed I had at the hospital. I only have one more day of shots left. I got released at 7 pm last night. Came home, ate dinner, took shower, went to bed. Got up at 6 this morning to start my day full of doctor apptments. One with reg doctor, one with medication doctor, one with my surgene, one at radiology for another doppler, and then back to my regular doctor for blood work. Then a nap.

Hospital Stay Day 1 of ??????

So in August I had to have surgery. The sprain I had all the way back in Feb. turned out to be misdiagnosed. It was a complete break. (Can anyone say malpractice?) In June I was still having pain, so I went to a real doctor instead of the er. Well after three more sets of x-rays, I was sent to an orthopedic surgene. Who looked at the x-rays and went "we need to do a cat-scan. So then after they looked at that they said I had no and I mean no bone growth. 4 and 1/2 months and there was no healing. So then it was SURGERY. No Work, no walking, no sort of any weight on my leg until after surgery, which was in August. Good-bye bank account and my savings. I have no lost out on the better part of $3,000 due to lost work.

So I had surgery and everything was healing up nicely, then I had pain in the same leg. So doctor said it probably just the weight of the cast pulling on the leg. If it gets worse let us know. A week later I get dizzy all the time, even just laying down. I called the doctor back and they sent me to have an ultrasound to see what the problem was. The doctor who looked at the ultrasound at the hospital said "small blood clot, nothing to worry about. Go home and your usual doctor will call you with what they want you to do. Usually we treat with lose doses of asprin for a few weeks." So home I went.

5:45 comes and the phone rings. My doctor is on the other end. Now the clinc closes at 4:30 on Fridays so that was alarming. Doctor said "Sorry, you need to go to the hospital now. That blood clot is big enough and in just the wrong spot to do a lot of damage if it breaks free."

So to hospital I go. Checked in went to my nice and private room. Then I start getting stuck with needles. Three in the arm, and one in the stomach. The came the pills. I get Lovanox twice daily in the stomach for the next 6 months (Danm it, I have to do them myself when I leave) and Cumadon pills daily also. One os a blood thinner and the other is an anti-coagulant. Went I leave I have to come back twice weekly to have levels of them measured (more needles).

If after 6 months, there is no change with the clot, I will have to have life long treatment of these meds. Please no, anything but that.

Oklahoma City show

Saw the live show of Welcome to Night Vale last night. Was better than we thought it would be. After all it is a radio show, so how do you turn that into a stage show? Very easily it turns out. Cecil Baldwin really can build a mental picture for everyone. The show ran about 70 minutes start to finish and only seemed like it was 10 min. So many people can in costumes and there was a table with posters and tee-shirts for sale.

Got a new shirt that was no longer for sale in the online store. Got home around 2 am last night due to hitting a real bad storm system that just poured rain to the point there was no way to see the road in front of us. So we found a Denny's restaurant and sat there for 2 1/2 hours waiting out the storm. I managed to spend my entire paycheck for the week in one day. No how to explain this to my bills. Opps.

Wow, that sold out fast.

So I have this podcast that I like to listen to called 'Welcome to Night Vale' that I
love. The cast is doing a bunch of live shows here in the Midwest in March. I bought a
couple of tickets to the one closest to me yesterday as soon as they went on sale. I
went back to the site a little later to buy another one for a friend and the shows
had all sold out. Something like 300 plus tickets sold in in 30 minutes. I knew the
show itself was popular, but I didn't think it was that popular. There is one in New
York that has three showings with a thousand seats each, that sold all 3000 in less
than 10 minutes.

Glad I bought the tickets when I did. Sorry to the friend who can't come.
Got a phone call at 8 this morning. The only other girl who works with us fell outside the office we
clean every morning. unfortunately the 7 inches if snow didn't cushion her fall. She ended up with a
broken wrist and a date with surgery next week after the swelling goes down for a set of pins. The
saying "Bad Things Come In Threes" is apparently coming to get us. We are wondering what the third
bad thing will be.

Watched movies all day. Nothing else to do. Then I managed to actually cook dinner tonight. It was
just soup, but I add beef, chicken and other things into it. And then I felt ambitious so I made
cornbread. Dad said I outdid myself this time, considering I had a handicap going. I think he was
biased though, anything hot would have been good. after all, he spent eight hours on a snowplow, and
then he came home and used to snow blower on the driveway, the entire quarter mile of driveway. But
anyways, I was quite proud of myself for accomplishing that. Though, I am paying for it now. My foot
is all swollen again and giving me a lot of pain.

Next items on the list, a Lortab followed by a hot bath, and then curling up under my electric blanket
and putting on yet another movie.

Bored and going insane

Day three of doing nothing but sitting on the couch. Vanderpump Rules marathon on TV.
Can't take much more of the drama. Yet, I can't look away. This must be what it means
to watch a train wreak and not look away. Lortab is bad. Get such a bad headache when
it starts to wear off. My birds now just screech when the crutches come out. Think I
preferred it when they huddled in fear. At least then it didn't hurt my ears.

Dad says we will get almost a foot of snow in the next couple of days. Now Boss lady
says I really can't come back to work because I might slip on the new layer of ice.
Maybe I can get her to let me go down to New Orleans with the other Boss Lady to make
a bid on a couple of construction clean up sites there. It's warmer down there, right?

I can only sit here and play on the computer and watch the TV and movies for so long
before I start going insane. Need something to do!

Crutches Day 2

Lortab = good. Crutches + skirts + awkward walking cast = me on the floor. A Lot.
At least I amuse my dad with all the muffled cursing I am doing.

Dad was nice enough to bring a bunch of snacks and drinks and other things to entertain
me into the living room, where I am curled up on the couch. He even brought me a treat
when he came home from church. He stopped by the candy store and picked up my favorite
candy. Dark chocolate covered salted caramels. Three whole pounds of it. Total bill, just
under $40.00. Yummmmmm.

My little birds seemed to be a little scared of my cast and crutches, whenever they see them,
the little ones throw themselves to the bottom of their cage and huddle in the farthest
corner from where I am. Poor babies. To bad the cage is in the same room where I set up camp.
I think I need to buy them a new toy when I can get out and about again.

Crutches and ice

So after a lovely day of frozen rain falling, I went to grab some books from my truck. As I went inside I slid on a patch of ice that we missed putting ice melt on. I steeped down with my left foot and came down wrong on it. Immediate pain. Thought I had just rolled it, and that it would be fine in the morning. So I limped my way to bed. When I got up this morning the sheet I slept under (nothing else, just a thin sheet) was causing me so much pain that I was in tears. Woke up my dad and made him take me to the Immediate Care Center. Three hours and five X-Rays later I officially had a sever sprain, a walking cast, crutches, and a prescription for Lortab 5. Hobbled out of the doctor's office and almost fell on the ice again. Apparently crutches don't have any grip on a sheet of ice. Two nurses and another patient came running outside to help me keep steady as dad pulled the car around to the front door of the Center.

Next on the agenda, learning to walk with crutches and not trip myself. Hopefully the ice will be gone by tomorrow. Boss gave me the next three days off of work. Wednesday will consist of trying to push around the rolling trash barrel and emptying trashes while on crutches. Boss has promised to take pictures of me failing. She doesn't think it is doable and I think I can. We shall see who is right. There may or may not be a bet involved.